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Bambu Indah

In the middle of idyllic Bali, we found a hidden gem: the Bambu Indah Resort, a peaceful oasis where the natural landscape of Ubud meets exclusive luxury.

As we entered the resort, we were greeted by a symphony of natural wonders. Coconut palms swayed gently in the breeze, while cinnamon and tamarind trees formed a lush canopy overhead. The resort's commitment to ecological mindfulness was evident in every corner, from the handcrafted bamboo structures to the sustainably sourced cuisine.

The story of Bambu Indah is as enchanting as its surroundings. It was founded by jewelry designer John Hardy and his wife Cynthia, and what once began as a collection of antique Javanese houses perched on a jungle cliff in 2005 has over the years become a retreat where guests from around the world can find a connection to the earth and to themselves.

Bambu Indah

Each of the resort's now twenty-three unique homes revealed its own artistic splendor before our eyes. From the luxurious tree house high in the treetops to the river palaces adorned with flowing muslin, every detail was lovingly crafted to soothe our senses. 

The variety of accommodation was remarkable as each was unique in its own way. 

The owners personally designed and crafted every detail, which added to the authenticity and charm of the resort.

Our choice fell on the Sumba House, which was enthroned in the middle of this green splendor. Upon entering, we felt as if we had been transported to another world - a world of the ancient culture of the Sumba people. A breathtaking Bambu house rose before us, its 15-meter-high roof blending harmoniously into the natural surroundings.

Bambu Indah

The house seemed to float majestically above the ground, supported by elegant stilts and organic shapes that paid homage to the versatility of bamboo. Staying at the Sumba House gave us the unique opportunity to experience the Sumbanese way of life and traditional architecture first hand.

For us, the Bambu Indah was much more than just a place to stay; it was a feast for the senses. We were particularly drawn to the Riverside Warung with its breathtaking bamboo architecture. The way there took us through picturesque gorges, and a bamboo-woven elevator gently brought us to an idyllic path along the Ayung River. As we progressed, we crossed charming bamboo bridges and finally reached an enchanting retreat of tranquillity surrounded by waterfalls and natural pools.

Bambu Indah

The Riverside Warung Restaurant serves daily specials of meat or fish as well as vegetarian options, all made from delicious ingredients sourced mostly from the Hardys' gardens and the surrounding food forest.

At the Elevator Sunset Bar, nestled into the cliffs, we found the perfect place to end our day of sightseeing. Here we enjoyed fruity cocktails amidst a warm sunset.

At Bambu Indah, we attended bamboo workshops, practiced yoga in the jungle, explored bamboo bridges and took part in sustainable cooking classes. These diverse experiences made our time in Bali unforgettable.

But the highlight was undoubtedly the relaxing massage in the inviting bamboo capsules, which transported us into a world of inner peace and renewal and rounded off our stay at Bambu Indah Resort perfectly. When we finally said goodbye to this magical place, we not only took home memories of unforgettable experiences, but also the feeling that we had found a true retreat - a place where the connection to nature and one's own inner peace can be experienced in a unique way.

Bambu Indah


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