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Our stay at Visesa Ubud Resort was a journey full of unforgettable experiences and warm hospitality.Upon entering this picturesque paradise, just a 5-minute drive from the heart of Ubud, we experienced the harmonious connection between gods, people and nature that the resort had created according to the Balinese-Hindu philosophy of Tri Hita Karana. 

The traditional aesthetics permeated every room and we found ourselves in a place that went far beyond a simple place to stay. Here, the stay became a vivid journey of discovery of the island's culture, nature and spiritual nuances.

Our private villa with its own pool proved to be a real treat at the hotel. As soon as we entered, we felt the pleasant atmosphere that permeated the room. The private pool surrounded by lush vegetation became our personal oasis. Every moment was accompanied by an exclusivity that made our stay unique. 

visesa ubud

On the culinary front, we were surprised by a variety of delicacies at Visesa. Three unique restaurants took us on a rewarding journey through the flavors of Indonesia and the West. 

At Lesung Restaurant, we experienced a hearty buffet breakfast that tantalized our senses. The Sunbathing Haven was particularly impressive, where the picturesque rice fields created an idyllic backdrop for culinary delights.

The Lumbung Restaurant was a real highlight. Cleverly placed under a bridge, it offered an enchanting view of a majestic waterfall from the terrace.

visesa ubud

At the Cave Spa, our wellness experience was elevated to a new level by the extraordinary design of the treatment rooms. Here, some rooms were literally embedded in a natural cave, giving the entire spa a unique charm. This combination of first-class treatments and the mesmerizing surroundings added an extra dimension of serenity to our overall experience.

The treatments at the Cave Spa proved to be a true sensory journey. Each massage and treatment was performed by skillful hands and accompanied by the natural sounds of the cave, which formed a soothing melody. This unique combination of wellness and nature was unforgettable and remains one of the outstanding memories of our stay at the Visesa Ubud Resort.

visesa ubud

Visesa Ubud Resort not only offered accommodation, but a plethora of activities to enhance our stay. From permaculture aInspired by Balinese culture and designs, Visesa Ubud Resort is situated in Ubud, a 5-minute drive from Ubud Market.reas and a children's playground to complimentary Balinese dance and yoga classes, each activity helped to create precious memories.

Visesa Ubud Resort was more than an accommodation; it was an experience that took our journey to a deeper level. The devoted hospitality and diverse offerings left us with lasting memories of the beauty and magic of Bali.


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