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Villa Tokay on Gili Air is more than an exclusive resort - it is a promise of paradisiacal relaxation in harmony with nature. From our first encounter until we left, we were deeply impressed by the eco-friendly initiatives and unparalleled luxury offered by this unique retreat.

The commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of Villa Tokay. The use of locally sourced ingredients not only for culinary delights, but also to support the community and reduce the ecological footprint, underlines the conscious commitment.

Most of the energy comes from the island's solar field, accompanied by energy-efficient lighting and sustainably built bamboo villas crafted by local artisans from Gili Air, Java, Bali and Lombok.


The enchanting resort, in close proximity to the beach where the island's most mesmerizing sunsets can be enjoyed, consists of six exclusive villas.

Villa Tokay sets the standard in environmental protection by providing eco-friendly amenities, sensible water conservation measures and an efficient waste management system. 

Villa Tokay is also actively committed to protecting the environment by making regular donations to a local school and participating in the island's "Refill Your Bottle" project to reduce single-use plastic.


As soon as you arrive at Villa Tokay, you can sense the exclusivity of this place. The unique villas, which combine contemporary living with art deco design, offer not only an aesthetic feast for the eyes, but also the highest level of comfort. 

The warm welcome and individual service add a personal touch to your stay.

The architectural masterpieces of the villas, nestled in fragrant frangipani gardens, offer not only an exclusive retreat, but also a breathtaking view of the natural beauty of Gili Air. Each villa has its own private pool, sun loungers and lounge areas.


n the villas, the stay becomes a holistic wellness experience. Here, the private retreats are not just for relaxation, but also serve as exclusive wellness areas. Guests have the option of booking experienced therapists for relaxing massages to pamper themselves from head to toe. The trained staff are also on hand to set up traditional flower baths in their own bathtubs, further emphasizing the luxurious nature of the stay.

The daily breakfast at the villa was more than just a meal – it was a culinary highlight to start the day in the perfect atmosphere.

From Villa Tokay, we explored the enchanting island and its surroundings effortlessly with the complimentary bicycles that were already waiting for us at the villa.

A stay at Villa Tokay promises not only luxury and relaxation, but also a deep awareness of sustainability and the protection of Gili Air's natural resources. 

A harmonious symbiosis of luxury and environmental responsibility that makes this oasis a truly unique destination, where every detail has been thought through and every moment is unforgettable.


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