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Umana Bali

On the majestic cliffs of Ungasan in southern Bali lies the new Umana Bali Resort, the first LXR Hotels & Resorts in Southeast Asia, nestled in a landscape of unparalleled beauty.

The history of this resort reaches deep into Bali's past, a history steeped in love for the land and the island's rich culture. The statues in the lobby are a perfect example of this. Handcrafted from old money transaction coins and wood, they represent a traditional craft of Bali. The Umana Bali Resort is not only surrounded by breathtaking nature, but also inspired by the Balinese people's deep connection to their land.

The ancient tradition of rice terraces, known as "Uma", symbolizes not only the fertility and vitality of the island, but also the harmonious relationship between man and nature.

A true paradise of privacy awaited us at the Umana Bali Resort! With 72 villas harmoniously embedded in the surrounding nature, this resort offers an unparalleled experience that combines luxury and authenticity in perfect balance. Each villa has been meticulously designed to provide guests with a retreat that fully reflects the unrivaled beauty and irresistible charm of Bali. In our villa at Umana Bali Resort, a spacious retreat awaited us, providing the ideal space for relaxation and renewal. The spacious interiors were tastefully decorated and exuded an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. 

But the highlight was undoubtedly the private pool, which offered us the perfect way to cool off and enjoy the day. From the private terrace, we could admire the majestic view of the ocean and feel the gentle breeze blowing over the cliffs.

Umana Bali Resort offers far more than just luxurious accommodation. The resort is a place of discovery, where guests are invited to experience the rich culture and traditions of Bali. 

Umana Bali

The resort's spa provides peace and relaxation, where we were able to enjoy traditional Balinese massages and other treatments. The experienced therapists pampered us with their gentle touch and helped us to relax body and mind.

Away from the spa, there was an abundance of activities waiting to be discovered. We took part in a Balinese cooking class and sampled wines from the region at a wine tasting.

At Umana Bali Resort, there's no room for boredom for younger guests either, as the resort has a modern Kids Club where children are involved in daily activities.

The resort also offers a variety of restaurants, including Oliverra, which delights with its Mediterranean flair and spectacular views of the ocean. Here we were able to enjoy culinary delights from all over the world. Right on our doorstep, we had the opportunity to stroll along a beautiful white sandy beach. Melasti Beach, which is just 70 meters below the resort, gave us the opportunity to experience the pristine beauty of the coastline and enjoy the gentle sound of the waves. It was a truly idyllic location that invited us to enjoy the natural splendor of Bali to the fullest at any time of the day. For those looking for an extra special adventure, Umana Bali Resort offers a helicopter service that takes off near the resort grounds. From breathtaking scenic flights over the island to romantic sunset excursions, the possibilities are endless.

Umana Bali

In addition, the Umana Bali Resort shines with an impressive glass-roofed chapel and the perfect view of the Indian Ocean, a stunning backdrop for weddings in Bali. It's an enchanting choice on the Island of the Gods, where romantic atmosphere and picturesque surroundings create the ideal setting for unforgettable wedding celebrations.

Best of all, Umana Bali Resort is located just 35 minutes from the international airport, making it an extremely convenient destination for travelers from all over the world.

Our stay at Umana Bali Resort was an unforgettable experience that left us with many fond memories and a sense of renewal. From the spectacular views to the world-class amenities and activities, the resort offered everything we could have wished for in a perfect vacation.

Umana Bali


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