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7 Questions for the Founders of The Code Cosmetics

Who are you, what do you do and how did you get to what you do today?

It is said that in all beginnings dwells a magic force. In our case it was quite the opposite, because we founded TheCode Cosmetics out of a problem.

We are Laura and Katharina, the founders of TheCode Cosmetics. We met about 10 years ago when we were studying business administration together.

In 2020 we founded TheCode Cosmetics, the robo-advisor for personalized facial care solutions. A skincare brand with the clearly set goal of using technology to put an end to the whole "one-size-fits-all" approach that prevails in the beauty market and instead to create personalized skincare that really delivers what it promises as the new default.

Before founding the company, I was based in Dubai for several years and worked there in brand development for a personal care brand. Katharina was born and raised in the USA and was previously self-employed, but with the subject of capital investments. In this way, we both complement each other wonderfully in terms of our skills and have been able to integrate our international influences into our brand.

The decision to found TheCode Cosmetics came about when Katharina and I were faced with the same problem over and over again. We regularly exchanged views on the latest products in the beauty market and gave each other product recommendations.

But one product never had the same effect on both of us. Even though we look quite similar, our skin turned out to be fundamentally different and therefore requires completely different care. The result was always: confusion and being overwhelmed with regard to the product selection, while at the same time more and more unused bad purchases were piling up in our bathrooms.

When we found out that, according to studies, not only we, but 80% of all consumers are overwhelmed with the selection of the right facial care product and that this results in an average of 7 bad purchases, we realized: it can't stay like this. Because this trial & error process is neither ecologically nor economically sustainable.

And so the idea of ​​founding TheCode Cosmetics came about.

TheCode Cosmetics combines nature with innovation & science for personalized facial care solutions. Through our digital, interactive quiz, a personalized skincare set is put together for each customer by our intelligent algorithm. Thus, TheCode Cosmetics finally offers what we have been looking for for so long - the key to radiantly beautiful skin for EVERYONE! True to our motto "Crack TheCode to perfect skin - TheFuture ofSkincare".

How would you describe your cosmetics line in a maximum of 3 sentences?

What makes our products special? It's our three-dimensional approach of Clean x Clinical x Smart, where nature meets innovative science.

CLEAN - We only use the best natural ingredients, whenever possible even in certified organic quality and from sustainable cultivation!

CLINICAL - We pair these natural ingredients with highly effective and partly patented active ingredients for visible


SMART - We combine all this with the possibilities of artificial intelligence to offer every customer a true skincare solution through personalized and specially tailored skincare sets.

What makes TheCode Cosmetics exceptional?

Unique to "TheCode Cosmetics": a specially developed algorithm that creates a skin anamnesis for the customer in just three minutes in the form of an interactive, digital quiz. On this basis, a personalized skincare set is automatically put together for each customer for a tailor-made skincare ritual. The products contained are specially tailored to the skin type and skin needs of each individual customer, but also combined with each other in such a way that there are optimal synergy effects between the active ingredients of the individual products, which guarantee maximum effectiveness and thus achieve noticeable results.

What does sustainability mean to you?

For us, sustainability does not end with the carbon footprint.

For us, sustainability means conscious consumption of high-quality products, in contrast to indiscriminate consumerism and a throwaway society. With TheCode Cosmetics, we want our customers to enjoy genuine values ​​and true quality.

Did you know that when choosing the right skincare, there are an average of 7 bad buys? You can imagine how many unnecessary products are bought and thrown away again. This is exactly what we are counteracting with TheCode Cosmetics and saying goodbye to these countless bad buys, which are not only financially expensive, but also put a heavy burden on our environment!

The Code Cosmetics. A very exciting name, how did you come up with it?

The name TheCode Cosmetics suggests the symbiosis of technology (IT), i.e. "coding" to develop algorithms, for example, and cosmetics for skincare. Here we can also refer to our motto "Crack TheCode to perfect skin", because our concept promises that everyone can crack the code to radiantly beautiful skin with their personalized skin care set from TheCode. So we offer each individual the right key to crack the very personal code of his/her skin!

What has been your biggest challenge as a founder so far and what advice would you give to female founders?

The biggest challenge as a small start-up was to find the right sparring, production and development partners. In the personal care industry, most producers specialize in large numbers and purchase quantities and cannot serve smaller customers like us. We often had to make difficult decisions, but in the end we are proud to say that we were always able to find a solution.

The most important thing has always been not to think in terms of problems, but in terms of solutions! Because there is a solution for every problem, you just have to be flexible and sometimes get creative to find the right solution.

Our tips for female founders are very clear: start, persevere and don't give up. In addition, with all the work on small details, never lose sight of the essentials and the big picture.

Where do you see yourself and your company in five years?

In 5 years we see ourselves as an internationally established brand that has made the personalization of facial care the new standard. We will also have expanded our app so that the customer experience and the skin results develop dynamically and deliver even better results.



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