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OLGA BELKA - Underwater Artist

How about doing something unusual and having a portrait painted of yourself on the bottom of the sea?

Painting underwater, probably unthinkable for many of us. But not for Olga Belka. Olga is a Russian artist who became a unique underwater painter - the only underwater portraitist in the world. She developed a unique technology of painting in salt water, which allows her to paint in harmony with nature and incorporate the smallest details of the underwater world into her works. Olga had a total of 14 solo exhibitions in Singapore, Moscow, Thailand, Taiwan and Maldives between 2017 and 2022. She exhibited her underwater art at Art Revolution Taipei 2019 in Taiwan, 2018 and 2019 at the Moscow Dive Show, 2019 at the International Thailand Yacht Show in Phuket, Art Shenzhen in 2019, SuperYacht Rendezvous, ADEX dive show 2020 and 2021, was invited to many events as a special guest.

The main themes of Olga's paintings are the world of the sea, sunken treasures and wrecks, people in this unusual environment and the reinterpretation of classic pictorial plots. All artworks are painted from life in the tropical seas of different regions. In Russia, Olga Belka started out as a book illustrator for leading publishers and also painted for private collectors.

But diving changed her life. She was so inspired by the underwater world that she moved to Southeast Asia, achieved a professional diving level and began developing underwater painting techniques.

Having gained experience in painting underwater landscapes, Olga set about creating a completely new art direction - underwater portraiture. In the water column, people obey completely different physical laws and are surrounded by new, unfamiliar energies and a completely different harmony. Under the authority of those energies, Olga captures them on canvas.

Olga's unique studio is an underwater world in which she creates pictures while diving. The sea is a limitless source of inspiration and energy for her and Olga wants to share her vision of the underwater kingdom with the world. In addition, Olga wants to draw the attention of the world community to the beauties of the underwater world and the need to protect the environment. That's why Olga paints underwater pictures.


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