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ts name speaks for itself. The special bamboo houses are more than unique on the island of the gods. Staying in these magical bamboo houses surrounded by lush rice terraces in Selat, just under two hours from the International Airport and located in east Bali,

is definitely an experience that everyone should enjoy in their lifetime.

Even just the drive along the beautiful rice fields makes you speechless. Taking a short stop for photos definitely pays off.Selat is a tranquil place where one can fully breathe in the nature of Bali. Passing a beautiful temple, you can see a large stone with the inscription Magic Hills. Here you will be greeted warmly by friendly staff with a delicious welcome drink before being escorted to your booked bamboo house. At this point Magic Hills consists of four different bamboo houses and there's more to come.

We chose the bamboo house called Princess, which is currently the largest and offers enough space to share with friends.

Just entering the beautifully landscaped garden will take your breath away.

On the right you have the magnificent view over the rice fields, on the left the stunning open three-storey bamboo house.

There is a small pool in the garden, which for us was covered with flowers, so we couldn't wait to take beautiful photos in this amazing spot.

We could hardly decide which bed to choose: on the lower floor, the open, large double bed covered only with a net, where you can feel nature to the fullest, or the bed on the upper floor, which is located in a closed bedroom with beautiful bamboo glass doors. A hammock and a loft bed are available as well.

Showering under the open sky is pure adventure. The large bathroom is laid out with many beautiful plants. Or would you rather relax in the cozy bathtub on the upper floor?

There is no shortage of culinary delights here in the middle of nature. The owner attaches great importance to purchasing products from the farmers in the region, not only to supporting them, but also to guaranteeing freshness due to quick delivery.

The hotel's restaurant serves homemade Balinese as well as international dishes such as schnitzel, delicious soups and lots of fresh juices. The in-house pineapple cultivation was particularly impressive. You can have a rich breakfast delivered directly to your bamboo house or even enjoy a floating breakfast in the pool.

This bamboo house does not have a TV, but it is by no means boring here. Because on the top floor of this bamboo house, something awaited us that we would never have expected: a large screen with a projector, where you can choose from countless films and then enjoy them in the hanging net open air. So look forward to a perfect movie evening in the middle of nature. This experience is definitely unique.

Yoga mats, sports equipment such as a punching bag and some board games as well as books can be borrowed from the Princess Bambu House.

Would you like more relaxation? Then simply enjoy a massage directly in your garden.

If you want to wake up in the morning to the chirping of the birds, with a breathtaking panoramic view over the dazzling rice terraces that you can't get enough of, this is definitely the place for you.

The accommodation is not only suitable for couples and honeymooners, but also for families. There are many excursion possibilities nearby, which the staff are happy to organize. Rafting, snorkeling, a visit to the beautiful waterfalls or unique temples, a bath in a hot spring, a private yoga class, a guided tour of Mount Batur, a Balinese cooking class or a visit to a spiritual healer can be booked here.

Magic Hills is the perfect place to unwind, relax and experience a piece of real Bali.


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