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The Eastern & Oriental, commonly known as the 'E&O,' is a luxurious all-suite hotel and the only sea-fronting hotel in George Town.

Revered as the grande dame of heritage hotels, the E&O was founded in 1885 by the famous Sarkies brothers. Upon entering the Eastern & Oriental Hotel, we immediately sense that we are entering a place steeped in history. The historic hallways and rooms take us on a fascinating journey back in time to the era of the British colonial era.

Here, the magic of bygone times pulsates, when brave adventurers arrived in steamships to explore the exotic East. The carefully restored rooms take us into the imagination of famous writers and aspiring literati who once stayed here to find inspiration. The history of times past is omnipresent at the E&O.

eastern oriental

The majestic architecture is a reminder of an era when luxury and elegance had a special meaning. But the E&O is more than just a place of the past. Here, history and modern comfort merge to create a unique experience.

After an extensive restoration in December 2019, the Heritage Wing of the E&O Hotel shines in new splendor and offers us an even more exclusive experience. We can fully immerse ourselves in this combination of nostalgic charm and modern luxury. Here, the past can be experienced up close while we enjoy the comforts of the present.

The Victory Annexe is an expanded wing that opened in 2013 and represents a significant milestone in the E&O's history. Named after the original Victory Annexe, a magnificent 40-room expansion unveiled in 1923 by Arshak Sarkies, the new Victory Annexe features 118 Studio Suites and 14 Corner Suites.

In keeping with the hotel's DNA, the Victory Annexe was designed with the needs and amenities of the modern traveler in mind, while retaining the old-fashioned charm and ambiance synonymous with the E&O.

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It’s modern-classic design preserves the essence of the E&O's rich heritage while offering today's business travelers state-of-the-art amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi broadband connectivity, a fully equipped gym, an infinity pool with sweeping views of the Andaman Sea, and the E&O Gallery.

The blend of modern comforts and nostalgic flair of yesteryear gives this hotel a unique appeal. Our comfortable suite in the Heritage Wing offers stunning views of the sea and was the perfect retreat after a day of exploring George Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The culinary variety at the E&O reflects the cultural diversity that once traced its history here. From the delectable offerings at Java Tree to the irresistible palate pleasers of Palm Court, every meal became a feast for the senses. Farquhar's Bar, an elegant vintage cocktail bar, invited us to end the day in style.

The hotel's two pools provided a welcome break and relaxation from sightseeing. We were particularly fascinated by the hotel's own gift store, which offered an amazing selection of special souvenirs. For breakfast, we were spoiled for choice between two à la carte restaurants and a buffet restaurant with a gorgeous terrace.

eastern oriental

At the E&O Hotel, the theme of "pampering" is writ large. The PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA offers an unforgettable luxury experience, using only the highest quality, authentic organic products, in a sensual and soothing environment.

The offer is further enhanced by excellent massage treatments, offering a wonderful selection of natural Thai and Oriental massage techniques, including traditional Thai massage, Indian Ayurvedic massage, Indonesian Balinese massage and Japanese Shiatsu massage.

Our journey may be over, but the stories we experienced at E&O will live on. We leave this seaside gem with a heart full of gratitude for the unforgettable journey through time that we were privileged to experience here.

The Eastern & Oriental Hotel will always be a place we can return to, whether in our thoughts or perhaps even in reality, to immerse ourselves once again in the history, elegance and luxurious magic that makes this place a true masterpiece of hospitality.


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