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Citadines Singapore

As we wandered through the bustling streets of Singapore, we suddenly found ourselves in a world of calm and renewal - at Citadines Science Park Singapore. Blurring the lines between innovation and nature, this new hotel gem in Singapore redefined our idea of urban living and invited us to immerse ourselves in a world that inspired and refreshed us.

The opening of Citadines Science Park Singapore marked a highlight of our stay in Singapore and made us realize why Ascott Singapore is rightly considered one of the leading accommodation providers in Singapore. With 21 properties and 3,800 rooms, the company provides a wide range of options for travelers like us.

Nestled in the heart of the Singapore Science Park, this accommodation offered a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and served as a base for numerous adventures in the rich nature of western Singapore. For us, Citadines Science Park Singapore was the perfect choice for an idyllic stay in Singapore's western region. Its convenient location and easy accessibility made it an excellent option for anyone looking for a comfortable, productive and relaxing stay. 

Citadines Singapore

The architecture of the hotel, designed by Serie + Multiply Architects and Ascott's in-house interior design team, immediately captivated us. Inspired by the elements of a greenhouse, it created a calm and invigorating oasis in the middle of the busy cityscape.

The design and architecture of the hotel caught us from the start with its unique focus on natural light and organic shapes. Every angle revealed careful consideration, from the gentle curves of the structure to the tasteful integration of greenery into every corner of the interior. It seemed as if every detail was designed to create an atmosphere of calm and renewal that immediately enveloped us and conveyed a sense of serenity.

Particularly impressive were the unique design elements that gave the hotel a distinctive identity. One such feature was the masterfully engraved artwork of the Singapore skyline at the reception desk. This creative display added an extra layer of sophistication to the reception area and always reminded us of the fascinating metropolis we were in.

Citadines Singapore

Overall, the architecture and design of the hotel was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and inviting. It was a place where modern elegance met natural beauty, creating an environment that delighted our senses and refreshed our minds.

Our room, a cozy apartment on the 15th floor, offered a well-equipped kitchen and an inviting sofa, as well as a separate bedroom where we could unwind after long days of sightseeing in Singapore. The breathtaking view of the surroundings completed our experience. We enjoyed the proximity to the surrounding buildings that housed knowledge-based industries, as well as the numerous retail and dining establishments.

The amenities at Citadines Science Park Singapore pleasantly surprised us. From the residents' lounge to the common work area, meeting rooms and laundry facilities, everything seemed to be designed to make guests' stay as comfortable as possible. We were particularly taken with the 25-meter infinity pool and fitness area, which gave us a sense of relaxation and activity in equal measure.

Citadines Singapore

The hotel's central gardens and water features created a harmonious connection with nature and invited us to explore the surrounding area. From walks in nearby Kent Ridge Park to visits to Star Vista and Holland Village, the possibilities seemed endless.

The proximity to the Kent Ridge MRT station was another plus point for us, allowing us to conveniently examine the city and enjoy the beauty of nature. And for travelers like us who love to explore the world, the short travel time from Changi Airport to popular tourist attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore and Gardens by the Bay was an additional highlight. Overall, Citadines Science Park Singapore provided an experience that exceeded our expectations. From the modern amenities to the welcoming atmosphere, it was a stay we won't soon forget. We look forward to returning and discovering more of what this unique hotel has to offer.


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