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Our journey took us to the banks of the mystical Ayung River in the traditional Balinese hilltop village of Payangan, where the Alila Ubud became our oasis of relaxation. Just five kilometers from Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, this resort promised us an incomparable connection to nature and the magic of Bali.

As soon as we arrived, we were impressed by the breathtaking backdrop of the jungle. The Alila Ubud towered majestically over the Ayung River, and the modern elegance of the rooms with Balinese accents promised a relaxing stay.

The local cuisine at the Alila Ubud was a highlight of our days. With a wide range of dishes reflecting the natural bounty of the island, we savored the authentic flavors of Bali. Each meal was a culinary feat, presented in a relaxed atmosphere.

At Plantation Restaurant, a passionate symphony of authentic Balinese dishes and refined Western farm-to-table tasting menus unfolded before us. 

The seasonal ingredients were either locally sourced or freshly harvested from the resort's own organic garden. This culinary feast was accompanied by a carefully curated wine list. 

Alila Ubud

The open Balinese restaurant not only impressed with its central bar area, majestic coconut palm pillars and traditional alang alang roof, but also with breathtaking views of the natural surroundings. From an intimate social space during the day, it transformed into a sophisticated boîte at night, transporting us to a world of exotic flavors and elegance.

The Cabana Lounge, another jewel of the resort, offered us an intimate retreat for relaxing hours during the day. Once the sun went down, the mood lighting on the two-storey Karangasem Terracotta Brick wall released a sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for enjoying evening cocktails. Both restaurants created an unforgettable culinary experience for us and we immersed ourselves in the world of flavors and elegance of Alila Ubud.

One of the outstanding features of Alila Ubud is the ability to organize private tours with your own driver to the hotspots in the area. We explored a coffee plantation, visited impressive temples, plunged into the waters of refreshing waterfalls and gained an insight into the life of a local family. The carefully curated tours not only showed us the cultural diversity of Bali, but also enabled us to have a personal exchange with the local people.

Alila Ubud

The visit to the spa promised pure relaxation. With treatments based on ancient Asian healing techniques and natural ingredients, we were pampered from head to toe. The in-villa bathing rituals were an additional highlight, allowing us to experience the healing power of nature in our private oasis.

Our 90 square meter Terrace Tree Villa offered a picturesque view of the jungle. The tasteful design and harmonious connection with nature created an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

The stunning 25-meter infinity pool, overlooking the jungle and verdant landscape, was a central highlight of the resort and provided the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the valley. If you want to experience Bali in its purest form, Alila Ubud is the perfect retreat.

Alila Ubud exceeded our expectations, offering not only an oasis of calm in the middle of the jungle, but also a unique connection to Bali's culture. The organized tours gave us an authentic insight into daily life, while the accommodation and culinary experiences made our stay an unforgettable adventure.

Alila Ubud


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